IN an ongoing meeting Keith Zenda shared his aesthetic excursion saying, “painting began by drawing of kid’s shows in books and sheets in 1997 when he was doing review 6”. He understood this ability in 2001, in the wake of committing himself to the End Times Message under Pastor Martin Gumbura.

Painting and drawing like music swarm and saturates all territories of social, open and private issues. Painting sustains culture since it incorporates everything that happens in the public arena; that is customs, convictions, qualities, and antiquities that can be passed on starting with one age then onto the next.

A staunch painter, Zenda uncovered that he is a provider and is the firstborn out of a group of six. He began selling his artistic creations in 2003 and individuals profoundly value his works even past outskirts.

“I got this ability from God’s affirmation that say’s: “I will favor crafted by your hands and I believe that with God the sky is the limit”, says Keith.

“Painting has become a full-time business and the market is acceptable in Botswana, Mozambique and I am making a beeline for South Africa where there is a decent open door for huge displays”.

“A week ago I was in South Africa, Cape Town for a display and they needed me to sign an agreement. One of my partners controlled me from doing that since this was to toss me to bondage and South Africans are exploiting Zimbabweans desperations”, he included.

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