All About Answering Wedding Invitations With One Envelope 1

All About Answering Wedding Invitations With One Envelope – You may have heard that addressing wedding invitations with one envelope saves money, and it does. But if you have just ordered a dozen or so, you are probably wondering how much they will cost. And what about the rest of the wedding party? Do they have to bring all their pieces of the wedding puzzle, which include envelopes, colors and ribbons, to each wedding reception location? And do they have to order these items at the same time as you? Let’s explore the answer to these questions and more to help you make your wedding planning easier on your all your invited guests.

All About Answering Wedding Invitations With One Envelope

First of all, it is easy to understand why brides save money by addressing their wedding invitations by themselves. It takes just a few minutes of their time, and then they can send off all of their invites at once. It will take the bride and groom no time at all to address all the envelopes at once, saving them the hassle of having to do it at different times, and allow them to have more time to plan for their wedding. If the only problem you have is getting all the addresses in on time, this is the way to go.

All About Answering Wedding Invitations With One Envelope 1

However, there are some situations where couples do not want to address their envelopes by themselves. Maybe they bought a bunch of them at the same time and have different color envelopes for each set of addresses. Or maybe there are specific colors or ribbons in the wedding colors that you do not want your guests to see. Or maybe the bride and groom want their invitations to match, so they addressed them all with that color.

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The best way to address these envelopes is to order a few, or all, of the same type of wedding paper from the same place that you purchased your invitations. This is true for most wedding printers, whether you are working with a local printer or online. They should be able to supply this service no matter where you order from.

All About Answering Wedding Invitations With One Envelope 3

After you’ve ordered all of your envelopes, you can then sit down and write out the names of the bride and groom along with the wedding date. You can also put in a short line about what kind of reception you are having (i.e. formal or informal). It is always a good idea to put in the RSVP information, as well. This way, you can keep track of who is coming to the party and make sure that everyone is attending. If you are using a printer that offers printing on colored paper, you can then color in the guest’s name before you put in the date, so that it matches up with the envelopes.

All About Answering Wedding Invitations With One Envelope 4

Now it’s time to address the envelopes. Look at the instructions that came with the invitation that you used to purchase. Then, print out one envelope after the other according to the order that you put in. You might want to leave some of the envelopes unopened, so that they can be marked ahead of time for those guests that RSVP. It’s a simple process, but a very important one!

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